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Terms and Conditions

By spending money at Madison Clark you are agreeing to abide by and accept the terms set out below.


Payments will be taken at the start of the allotted booking time.

By purchasing an allocated booking time with Madison Clark, you agree that the shown price is the combination of 2 fees combined.

  • A house fee.
  • Escort fee.

Intentions of working

All our staff have signed a declaration, showing their intention of working in the sex industry and are fully aware of what their chosen work will require them to do.
Also, that no one is financially benefiting from their participation or has cohorts them into participation in the sex industry, staff fully understand they freely appear on our rota and attend our premises at their choosing, that our staff have the right and respect of the management to say no to any request or clients. If any issues arise that would require the police or relevant support organisation that they have been provided with the appropriate contact number’s. 

Furthermore, all escorts working for us have sighed a declaration explaining their employment status with us and their TAX paying responsibility in line with HMRC.

If you yourself have any concerns regarding any of our staff about sex trafficking please do not hesitate to contact the management on the main phone number or contact the police on 101 and help get this deplorable act of sex trafficking stamped out.

Sexual Health

We strong advise all clients participating in the sex industry to get a STD test NO LESS THAN EVERY 12-13 WEEKS. it is unacceptable and irresponsible not to do so.


Madison Clark operates a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol with our staff and clients in the interest of health and safety.
No one is to bring alcohol on to the premises.
No client is to attend the premises under the influence of alcohol and be intoxicated. This will be judged by the management and is final.


Madison Clark operates a zero-tolerance policy on drugs with our staff and clients. This includes illegal and legal recreational highs, Cannabis in any form containing or not THCs, prescribed or self-prescribed medication.
If it comes to light during a booking that a client is under the influence of drugs or in possession of, this will result in immediate termination of booking with no refund, a ban and the police being contacted and information passed on. 


Lateness will not be tolerated without a phone call in good reasonable time to make Madison Clark aware. This will result in termination of booking if you are not present on the premises at the commence of your booking.

Gifts and Loans

Any items or money handed over to our staff outside of the fixed fee will be considered a gift or loan and must be divulged to the management for the managements agreement and understanding of what it is for.


You must be 18 or over to enter our premises, ID checks will be carried out on people believed to be under that age, failure to provide photo ID with prof of age will result in the person being turned away.